Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The FREEDOM litter has arrived

Lindsey x Wave puppies arrived on July 4, 2015.  Unfortunately, she only had two babies, one boy and one girl.
 Lindsey's uterus has been determined to not be able to support another litter, and will be spayed after the completion of these two babies.  That leaves Snowshoe in a position to have no litters due for nearing two years. 
Picabo is Lindsey's daughter, and our next in line for breeding, however, she is only 6 months old, and has a show career first, clearances to obtain, and will not venture into motherhood until after the age of two.
To those on our waiting list for puppies, I can provide you with references for several other reputable breeders within MN and WI.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lindsey is in season!

For all of you waiting for this news, it's here!  She is in season, progesterone testing beginning on Monday.  According to her last breeding, these puppies should be born on July 3, or within a day or two of that.  She is being bred to a guy named WAVE, who is a Presley great grandson.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Newborns today!

They're here!

The Jersey x Presley puppies arrived this morning.   We have SIX.   (5 males and 1 lonely female).  Weights from 8.9 - 14.9 oz., so considerably smaller puppies than Lindsey's 'honkers' all over a pound at birth.  Mom's not quite so sure about this process yet, as it's her first, so it's a learning process for all.  All are doing well so far!  It's always amazing how fast they take to the nursing part.... in this case, far quicker than their Mom has!   All is well....  So much for any sleep tonight!?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The news is in!  Jersey is pregnant.  We saw five of them on the ultrasound, and are hoping for a few more that were 'hidden.'  Puppies will be born via c section on February 9, 2015. 

On a not as happy of note, we lost HONESTY last month, at the ripe age of 12 1/2.  For those not remembering her, it's because she was our 'one point wonder', but more importantly SMOOCH's dam!   Honesty lived with the Modrynski family most of her life.  They're excited now to get a puppy out of the Lindsey x Kahuna litter!