Wednesday, April 27, 2016


As you've heard, Snowshoe won't be having another litter until early 2017.  HOWEVER.... Lindsey and Cole's sister Jersey has a litter now!  Jersey has 7 girls and 4 boys, born on April 18, 2016.  They're with their 'human' Mom, Maryanne McNichols, in Stacy, MN.
Contact info is:    651.558.6054 or

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  1. So I just called your number and she recommended me to just put a comment on your website we adopted a buddy from you about 11 years ago March 31st was his birthday to be exact and he is still The Shining of our hearts so we are ready to add another member to our family and would love to adopt another golden! Presley is the love of our life I don't have children so yeah of course he is! m) please let us know when you have a new litter cuz we would love to adopt another golden!